Vacation Care

Bookings for our Summer 20/21 program are now open. 


How to enrol?

All bookings are made via your Xplor app.  


Follow these simple How To guides, for step by step instructions. You can watch on You Tube or read the Xplor Tips sheet, which explains how to book in for multiple dates, in the one request. 


Still stuck or don't have the Xplor app set up?  We're here to help. Simply email the Centre, or call during school hours, and one of our team will help you with your booking.


Why are there no excursions? 

With the ever changing landscape of living with Covid, we decided to stick with all sessions hosted on school grounds. This way, there'll be no dissapointments if our Covid rules change suddenly. We've pulled together an exciting, mixed bag of activities. Special visitors will run various incursion programs, mixed in with the fun activities planned by your CCC team - it's sure to be a fun Summer break for everyone.

In the spring holidays we followed the guidelines of the DOE and did not book any excursions. The Seniors and Juniors were split at the service and had their own programs running. We received positive feedback on the program, both incursions and the Centre run days.

Our programs are subject to change, as is life as we know it. 

Who can attend?

Vacation Care bookings will only be accepted from families who have up to date accounts (either $0 balance or in credit). The total fee for each day is generally $52, less any Child Care Subsidy you are entitled to.  The fee includes ALL expenses.


Cancellations received before the last day of School before the holidays, will have no charge.

Kindy 21 children are welcome to attend our Summer Vacation Care Program. Send us an email to find out more.


Risk assessments are completed for all our incursions and excursions. These are available at the centre. Please let us know if you would like a copy of any risk assessment.