Vacation Care

The Spring Vacation Care Program is available below.


10am Monday, 9 September: Bookings can be requested via this online form that automatically publishes at 10am. 

You can use the booking form for multiple children if they are attending the same sessions. If you are booking different sessions for different children, please complete one form per child. 

Vacation Care bookings will only be accepted from families who have up to date accounts (either $0 balance or in credit). The total fee for each day is $48 inclusive of all expenses, less any Child Care Subsidy you are entitled to. ​


Cancellations can be made until COB Friday 20 September without charge.

​Risk assessments are completed for all our excursions. These are available at the centre. Please let us know if you would like a copy of any risk assessment. 

Children in K - 2
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Children in Y3 - 6

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