Vacation Care

Our 2021 Autumn program is here! The team have done it again, pulling together another action packed two weeks of creative, energetic, entertaining fun way for our kids to enjoy their school holidays.  

Download the programs for more details about each day.  

Bookings open Mon 15 March, and close Mon 29 March.

There is a two step booking process, 1. You will need to request days in Xplor and 2. complete a permission form.

You'll find more on this, down the page.


Vacation Care updates

We are no longer accepting bookings for 2021 Autumn Vacation Care.  

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please follow the standard booking process, completing both Xplor/ bookings and the E + I Permission Form. Our team will contact you by email or phone, if a space becomes available. 

How to book your Vacation care?


Step 1 : Book on the Xplor app  We've made some easy to follow instructions in the clip + pdf below. 


Xplor Instructions

Follow these simple How To guides, for step by step instructions.

You can watch on You Tube or read the Xplor Tips sheet. 

Need to book more than one day? See the Xplor Tips sheet for step by step instructions (We're still working with Xplor on a better experience for families with multiple children) 

Still stuck or don't have the Xplor app set up? 

We're here to help. Complete the online E+I Permission Form, and then contact the Centre by email,, or call during school hours, and one of our team will help you with your booking.


Step 2 : Complete the online Excursion + Incursion (E+I) Permission Form

E + I form available here 

  • One form is required for each child. 

  • This is your signed agreement for your child to participate in activities run offsite and by external providers.

Step 3 : You will receive an Xplor notification to confirm when your booking is completed and accepted. This will pop up on your phone, remember to turn ON  Xplor notifications , in your app settings.

Step 4 : We will contact you by email if the Vacation care day is full, or your request cannot be processed for another reason.  If you have completed both Step 1 and Step 2, and you do not receive confirmation within 5 days, please call us, during school hours.


Excursions are back! 

This Autumn we're bringing back excursions, with a little twist! All excursions off the premises, will be walking groups to the local parks, beach AND MOVIES!   This means a return of the permission form.


We may need to close excursion days early, depending on the capped numbers by each activity provider.  Get your bookings in promptly – and watch for alerts on this.

Why no buses? With the ever-changing landscape of living with Covid, we've decided to keep it simple these holidays, with opportunities to get off site without having to cancel if a Covid hotspot arises. Or worry about who we may come in contact with at kids’ activity venues. Excluding buses and longer trips from the program will help reduce the disappointment if we were forced to make last minute changes & cancellations – and save the Centre a significant amount of time & your money in rearranging the day’s activities


Our programs are subject to change, as is life as we know it. We do our best to choose activities and providers that will deliver the ultimate day. If a planned activity does need to change, due to the provider or weather, our team will find and create a fun alternative and provide an entertaining day for the children.

Who can attend?

Vacation Care is open to all families at the school. The total fee for each day is $52, less any CCS you are entitled to. All costs are included in the daily fee.


If you are not currently enrolled for BSC & ASC, head over to our enrollment page. Or call the Centre during school hours to start the enrollment process.


Bookings close Monday 29 March 2021. Some excursions may close earlier, if numbers are capped by the activity providers. Vacation Care bookings will only be accepted from families who have up to date accounts.  Contact Melanie, our Director, personally if this affects you

What to bring

  1. You provide morning tea, lunch, snacks - breakfast is served until 8.15am, and afternoon tea provided.

  2. Refillable drink bottle

  3. Hat (particularly on excursion days as we will be in the park).

  4. Remember to wear appropriate clothing for the activity


Well being + Safety in the fun times

Keeping our children and staff safe and well looked after, whilst making their childhood memories, means we take our risk benefit analysis very seriously. 


Please ensure your children are appropriately dressed for the days activities.


Risk assessments are completed for all our incursions and excursions. These are available to access at the Centre or we can email them, if you request. You must agree to each day you have booked in, using the electronic permission form (E+I Form). This confirms that you have read and agree to the day’s activities.  E+I Form is found in the How to Book  section, back up the screen.


Our staff ratios are based on the risk assessment for the activity and is usually 1:7 on excursions up to 1:15 on site. You can find more details about each activity in the permission form.


Our sunscreen, first aid and excursion policies will be followed at all times. If you are coming later in the morning, put sunscreen on before you arrive, so it has time to kick in before the children join their friends in the playground.

Why is there a permission form AND an enrollment form?

All OSHC providers are governed by the children education and care services laws and regulations. Regulation 102 part (1) requires written permission by parent/guardians for any & all excursions, and part (4) deems what information is required to be shared with families before they give their written authorisation.


The booking dates are linked to your account and processed through Xplor. The permission form is a seperate process, outlining the specific terms & conditions of the excursion and providing your acceptance of these terms & conditions.


In Autumn, we are trialing the Cognito form for this purpose and welcome any feedback from you.

Dates to remember

  • 15 March : VC Bookings are open now on Xplor. You can request the days you need on Xplor. E+I form to come. Bookings will not be confirmed or charged until the E+I form has been fully completed online.

  • VC Excursion bookings may close earlier if maximum numbers are reached for the provided activity

  • 29 March : VC Bookings close. Late bookings will be accepted if we have space. A late booking fee may be charged. Please watch for Xplor alerts for spaces available for casual bookings.

  • 31 March : Final day for cancellation of booked days without charge. They will be recorded as absences in the roll books after that date and fees will need to be paid for those days.

  • 6 April : VC starts on Tuesday 6th April after the Easter weekend.

  • 19 April : Pupil free day 

  • 20 April : Term 2 starts


Terms and Conditions

Terms are included on the Permission Form.  Contact our office if you would like more information or details.






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