To enrol for 2021 days, please email us at 

New Families will complete an enrollment form on Xplor 

Enrolment, Documents & Forms

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Access our Family Handbook here to learn more about how the day runs at Coogee Care Centre. 

Click the Image to open the Family Handbook

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Read about the Policies and Procedures that we follow at Coogee Care Centre.


Click the image to open our Policies and Procedures

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If your child has any dietary or medical requirements that we need to know about, please complete this form and return by email.

Click to access the Child Health Care Plan. 

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Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Lockdown Procedure

Education and Care National Law and Regulation

Coogee Care Centre is licensed under the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.


Click to access Education and Care Services Law and Regulation (NSW).

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